[[People in the RP community are the loveliest. And some here still wonder why i spend all my nights here. It is worth it. So damn worth it to stay awake for such company of friends. Thank you guys!]]

//*Hugs* much love for the vengeful spirit.

Okay, went okay I guess, might pick back up in a hour or so.

  • The Last Giant 
  • The Pursuer
  • Dragon Rider

The victims of this stream. RIP might be streaming Dark Souls 2 since Titan’s stream encouraged me to, so come and watch me either do really good or suck horribly.

PS. First time so I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. (streaming)

Cutest girl of DotA?

As if there was ever any doubt.”

Anonymous said:

Is it true that you were kicked out of a bar for vomiting all over the bartender after you were trying to prove to everyone that you could hold your liquor?

"It’s either that’s true and I don’t remember a thing or that never happened and I’m going with the ladder."

Anonymous said:

I heard Shendelzare has an eating disorder.

"You must be thinking of Pudge."

Anonymous said:

Hows my gurl doin? So, I just like, totally heard that venge has been getting rather close to some of those hell freaks. Just yesterday, like, while getting my nails done, like, Barry totally said she was sleeping with them! OH MY GOD! How much of a slut do you even need to be??

"You- you get your nails done?"

Anonymous said:

I heard you and silencer took it to the bone zone.

"I don’t believe Silencer and I went to the Skeleton Empire’s Kingdom, at least not yet."

Anonymous said:

I heard you had an issue with a certain jealous swordman and Shendalzare

"I don’t believe I had an issue with anyone jealous of the such."

Anonymous said:

I hear you can finger yourself at quite the speed thanks to your "focus fire" technique~?